Teaching Assignment Program

Join Teaching Assignment Program to teach English language, Computer skills, manage library or organize extra-curricular activities for marginalized youth in a slum or village of Chandigarh.Yuvsatta has opportunities for volunteers to work with marginalized kids at pre-school, primary, lower secondary and higher secondary levels. Continue reading

Health Projects

Health professionals – including doctors, nurses and medical students – can join the Health Projects and contribute to the betterment of health and healthy lifestyle in the marginalized communities living in slums and rural areas. Doctors and nurses can gain valuable experience in their clinical expertise and learn new professional skills in a developing country, while medical students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience. Yuvsatta currently has opportunities for volunteers to assist at mobile medical units, health clinics in slum areas and villages of Chandigarh.

Volunteers can also organize awareness programs and training on personal hygiene, sanitation, HIV/AIDS or taking healthy lifestyle awareness classes in Schools. Continue reading

Girl Star Project

To provide girls safe places to meet, discuss legal protection, health care, and access to training and job skills, Yuvsatta is running special programs for marginalized girls of a slum settlement Bapu Dham Colony in Sector 26 of Chandigarh. The long term impact expected is a change in societal attitudes towards women. And volunteers are welcome to teach vocational skills, dance, yoga, music, sports, computer literacy, martial arts or spoken English to marginalized girls. Continue reading

Global Youth Peace Fest

Since 2006, the annual Global Youth Peace Fest (GYPF) of Yuvsatta is organized to provide a platform for the young people to discuss, understand, share, find solutions and develop strategies on issues of global concerns, especially related to rights & dignity of women, active citizenship, promoting the culture & spirit of non-violence and green living.

GYPF is an amalgam of a week of inspirational peace-talks, creative workshops, cooperative-games, action based activities, volunteer action, building cross-cultural relationships, cultural festivities and neigbourhood walks.  Beyond friendships, GYPF is also breeding grounds for inspiring new ideas. Continue reading

Peace Clubs

Since 2004, Yuvsatta is running Peace Clubs in Schools and nurturing a new generation with caring hearts and creative minds through various activities and campaigns. Volunteer can become catalyst and strengthen the network of Peace Clubs by organizing activities, field excursions & trainings in local Schools.

In short, peace education can be defined as an educational response to the problem of human violence. It has the following basic features: It aims at protecting children’s minds from being imbued by violence in the society. It prepares them for building a peaceful world by empowering them with necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills. It humanizes the child, teaching, learning, and school. Continue reading

Community Development

Involving local youth Volunteer can co-create videos, thematic photos & promotional materials to bring about social and beahvioural change in marginalized communities, especially in the fields of education, health, demanding rights and hygiene. As Yuvsatta run various projects promoting health, hygiene and education for the marginalized adolescent youth and women. So, need creative volunteers to highlight & promote the cause of a violence free world. Continue reading

Fundraising Support

Yuvsatta raise funds locally by way of sponsorships, personal mails, phone calls, fund raising events, sale of handicrafts items and an innovate ‘Power of 1 Rupee’ program in the local schools. And need volunteers to assist in and draw new fund raising strategies. Continue reading

Cultural Exchange

Do you like to make new friends, live with local family, learn Indian language and culture while contributing to local communities? This program will provide you with lot of opportunities to discover India and yourself afresh in a friendly and homely environment.

And for us it’s a key tool for building “bridges of understanding & dialogue”—because we fairly believe that global connectivity is important to peace and stability of the human race. Through this program volunteers can stay and spend time in a village with a local family to learn more about Indian culture, customs, society and rural life. Continue reading