Global Youth Peace Fest

Since 2006, the annual Global Youth Peace Fest (GYPF) of Yuvsatta is organized to provide a platform for the young people to discuss, understand, share, find solutions and develop strategies on issues of global concerns, especially related to rights & dignity of women, active citizenship, promoting the culture & spirit of non-violence and green living.

GYPF is an amalgam of a week of inspirational peace-talks, creative workshops, cooperative-games, action based activities, volunteer action, building cross-cultural relationships, cultural festivities and neigbourhood walks.  Beyond friendships, GYPF is also breeding grounds for inspiring new ideas.

The organizers assume that the continuity of organizing GYPF will prove infectious and it is definite to spurt similar sprouting elsewhere in India & Globally too.

Program Global Youth Peace Fest
Activities Volunteers can facilitate event management, hospitality, updating websites/facebook pages, writing emails to participants, trainings for local volunteers, media coordination, Image maker-making booklets, creating video spots, creating thematic photos, creating promotional materials, fundraising etc.
Volunteering Duration Minimum 2 Weeks to Maximum 24 Weeks
Program Start Date Between months of March to November
Program Location In Chandigarh city
Nearest Airport IGI International Airport, New Delhi and Chandigarh Airport
Volunteer’s Age Range 18 – 35
Application Process Time 10-12 days

Program requirement

Volunteers for program must;

  • Be 18 years or old
  • Have no major health problems
  • Be eligible to obtain a tourist visa to India
  • Have a caring heart & spirit to serve.
  • Prior experience of working on a similar program is must, though a teaching qualification is not required.

You can choose to apply now! Or contact us for any other information at