Peace Clubs

Since 2004, Yuvsatta is running Peace Clubs in Schools and nurturing a new generation with caring hearts and creative minds through various activities and campaigns. Volunteer can become catalyst and strengthen the network of Peace Clubs by organizing activities, field excursions & trainings in local Schools.

In short, peace education can be defined as an educational response to the problem of human violence. It has the following basic features: It aims at protecting children’s minds from being imbued by violence in the society. It prepares them for building a peaceful world by empowering them with necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills. It humanizes the child, teaching, learning, and school.

Program Peace Club Project
Activities Volunteer can reach out to small groups of students in local Schools and facilitate peace trainings, workshops, theatre, videos, inspiring activities, cooperative games. Hopefully, bullying, aggression against others, put-downs, teasing, and harassment would cease while efforts are made to resolve conflicts without violence. Children could also be taught how to use the tools of mediation that would bring about a peaceful solution to the dispute.
Volunteering Duration Minimum 2 Weeks to Maximum 16 Weeks
Program Start Date Flexible (You can choose your volunteering start and end date)
Program Location In and around Chandigarh city
Nearest Airport IGI International Airport, New Delhi and Chandigarh Airport
Volunteer’s Age Range 18 – 65
Application Process Time 10-12 days


Program requirement

Volunteers for program must;

  • Be 18 years or old
  • Have no major health problems
  • Be eligible to obtain a tourist visa to India
  • Have a caring heart & spirit to serve.
  • Prior experience of working on a similar program is must, though a teaching qualification is not required.

You can choose to apply now! Or contact us for any other information at