Community Development

Involving local youth Volunteer can co-create videos, thematic photos & promotional materials to bring about social and beahvioural change in marginalized communities, especially in the fields of education, health, demanding rights and hygiene. As Yuvsatta run various projects promoting health, hygiene and education for the marginalized adolescent youth and women. So, need creative volunteers to highlight & promote the cause of a violence free world.

Program Peace Club Project
Activities Volunteer will work with a small group of spirited local youth and use mediums of arts, media and sports for social and behavioural changes.
Volunteering Duration Minimum 4 Weeks to Maximum 24 Weeks
Program Start Date Flexible (You can choose your volunteering start and end date)
Program Location In and around Chandigarh city
Nearest Airport IGI International Airport, New Delhi and Chandigarh Airport
Volunteer’s Age Range 18 – 65
Application Process Time 10-12 days


Program requirement

Volunteers for program must;

  • Be 18 years or old
  • Have no major health problems
  • Be eligible to obtain a tourist visa to India
  • Have a caring heart & spirit to serve.
  • Prior experience of working on a similar program is must, though a teaching qualification is not required.

You can choose to apply now! Or contact us for any other information at